2022 August. Group exhibition at the Art Gallery of Modern Fine Art of Ozurgeti, Georgia.

2022 July. part of an exhibition 'Kollaborationen' , at MUMOK (museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien) ,Wien

2022 24th of June, Radio Art Zone show. 22h group sound performance

2022 June, Bus stop opening in Mtispiri, Georgia.

2021 September, Seanaps Festival “Walking Tbilisi”, by Community Radio Tbilisi

2021 September, organ concert curated by Julian Bennett Holmes and Steve Long, ALL-DAY MUSIC
MEDITATION, St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University ,New York

2021 July, soundscape session with Perila at BUDKA, Tbilisi, Georgia

2021 January, organ music piece ‘number one’ for WEST DEN HAAG

2020 September, group exhibition ‘Kifl the Kid Salon’ in BillyTown, Den Haag

2020 June-July, ‘Rites of Passage’ 6 episodes of visual work made in colaboration with Raimundas Malasauskas and ANNASTATE initiative. For WEST den haag online platform

2020 August, group exhibition in Tiny art Gallery, Den Haag.

2019 September-October, part of the exhibition by Zahars Bondars ’I would like to be a dancer to be able to dance with the circumstances’ Haden Gallery Den Haag

2019 March, “The Three Obliques Of A Perspective” , group exhibition in the art project space MAUDI, curated by Nino Sakandelidze, Tbilisi, Georgia

2019 May, ADED project ‘poezdochka’ sound director, directors assistant on a doc.Film. Directed by Alexander Khudokon in Venice, Italy

2019 MISS READ 2019: The Berlin Art Book Festival, Ania Shestakova riso publication as part of ‘INVITED BY’, Berlin

2019 March, Solyanka Gallery group exhibition, Moscow

2019 performance of DETACHED [but interconnected?) commissioned by CID Den Haag.Visual work made for a musical performance of James Andropolous commissioned by CID Den Haag

2018 ‘Outermost Corner’ One Nest Stand. Nest gallery, Den Haag

2017 “Nokia’s Tagline” pre-end exam show KABK, Mooof – Den Haag (Netherlands)

2017 Wien "Cafe am Heumarkt” group exhibition organised by E++ , , Austria
Essence exhibition Die Andgewandte, Vienna

2017 “Learning from Shans Habus” group exhibition, Vienna

2017“Dollhouse of a poem”, group exhibition, Vienna (all works that exhibition are in the collection of Mumok, Museum of Modern Art)

2017 Caramelo - "it's in the fucking ocean" ,3rd year Fine Arts exhibition in the Grey space in the middle, Den Haag

2016 Photographer at the BluePrint magazine, Amsterdam,

2016. Student of Joseph Koning stained-glass company, Vienna 2017

2015 Masterclass with Tino Sehgal.

2015 Performer for Simone Forti exhibition “Here it comes”, Vleeshal Middelburg

2015 “OTSEFINAM (MANIFESTO) or how to activate a fanzine”
Tent – Rotterdam, under the guidance of Anna Moreno and Antoni Hervas.

2014 Stage artist and performer in Meyerhold theatre Moscow

2012-2013 Assistant of fashion photography at W.O.S.

Francois Schneider Foundation: Center of Contemporary Art, Wattwiller, France. Art residency august- September 2018
Aq-tusheti Omalo, Georgia. August 2019

Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Sculpture department. 2014-2018 Universitat fur Angewandte Kunst, student of Hans Shabus, Wien 2017.
Student and assistant of Bus Nordman stained glass company, den haag 2018
Assistant and student of Vladimir Markin Jewelry from 06/01/2013