smiling, even when very sad

When I was a child of 6 years old, it was safe. I would take pancils and go to the Gogol's boulevard and draw over the sculptures from old russian tales. Every time, when I was coming back, they were painted white again. Again and again, I was in the process of vandalising this poor sculptures.

20 years later I was visiting my home. Walking the streets of the city that does not exist anymore. It has been damaged unrecognisingly, together with its people . The history has been erased and replaced with horrible reality. But this sculpture..This sculpture stayed. And 6 year old me, she is also still alive.

So this is what have happened.

Right after I drew it, police showed up and I have been put to jail for 24 hours.

Fear enough I guess.. The way police treated me, was far beyond human. But this is todays reality in some places. It's absurd and cruel.

Unfortunately I will never return to that city again.